UK defence secretary `moves to secure location over terror fears`

Dr Liam Fox has moved out of his London flat to secure government apartment.

London: UK`s Defence Secretary Dr Liam Fox, in-charge of air strikes on Libya, has moved out of his London flat to a secure government apartment over fears of a possible terrorist attack, a media report said.

The minister, who has now moved into a two-bedroom apartment at the historic 225-year-old Admiralty House in Whitehall, was also provided with a chauffeur-driven, bomb-proof limousine, the `Daily Mail` reported.

Scotland Yard first raised concerns over Dr Fox`s security arrangements when his Central London flat was burgled nearly a year ago. When a second flat in the same gated block suffered the same fate later in the year, the police advised him to move to a more secure London location.

"A security assessment of the defence secretary`s home has raised serious concerns over his protection. Despite wanting to stay where he was and the freedom of his own home - where he has lived for the past decade -- he has had to move out," a senior source was quoted as saying.

Sources close to Dr Fox said he would now sell his old flat - and would return any capital gains to parliamentary authorities when the sale went through. The minister has also planned to stop claiming his MP`s second-home allowance for the old flat, the report said.

The defence secretary`s apartment at Admiralty House would cost the British government GBP 95,000-a-year to run, whether it is occupied or not.