Delhi govt to auction fancy registration numbers

Motorists wanting to flaunt fancy registration numbers will now have to shell out a hefty amount with Delhi government on Thursday coming out with a policy to auction such numbers online.

New Delhi: Motorists wanting to flaunt fancy registration numbers will now have to shell out a hefty amount with Delhi government on Thursday coming out with a policy to auction such numbers online.

Delhi Government has amended the Delhi Motor Vehicles Rule, 1993 which allows for the e-auction of such fancy registration numbers by issuing notification in this regard.

Registration number 0001 will be the most expensive with the minimum reserve price fixed at Rs 5 lakh. Numbers from 0002 to 0009 will be the second most expensive, starting at Rs 3 lakh. The third category will include numbers from 0010 to 0099; 0786, 1000, 1111, 7777 and 999, for which bids will start at Rs 2 lakh.

Numbers- 0100,0111,0200,0222,0300,0333,0400,0444,0500,0555 0600,0666,0700,0777,0800,0888,0900,0999,2000,2222 3000,3333,4000,4444,5000,5555,6000,6666,7000,8000 8888,9000,0101,0108,1008, and 1313 have been included in fourth category with minimum reserve price fixed at Rs one lakh.

According to transport department, the e-auction of fancy numbers is likely to start in the next 15 days as at present, technical trial of the system is underway.

The system of auctioning is supposed to stop corruption in the allotment of fancy registration numbers.

"About 140 fancy numbers will be put to e-auction in the first round. The desirous and eligible persons can participate in the e-auction by registering online. After successful on-line registration, the person will receive a unique acknowledgement number (UAN).

The online registration will be open for about one week. After Online registration, the participating person/bidder will have to deposit a demand draft issued by any nationalized bank in the office of DTIDC at ISBT Kashmere Gate," said a senior transport department official.

Official also said that the amount of the demand draft will be the reserve price of the desired fancy number.

"After depositing the demand draft, the person will be eligible to participate in the online bidding process. After completion of registration process of about one week, the online bidding process will be held for three days.

One person can bid for ten fancy registration vehicle numbers against one unique acknowledgement number of registration (UAN). However one person will be allocated only one fancy registration number against each UAN," official also said.

Transport department official said that the launch of the online auctioning system had been delayed in 2013 due to the model code of conduct being in place for Assembly elections from October 2013 till December.

According to the department, the result of the bidding process will be published on the transport department website http://transport.Delhi.Gov.In.

"The successful bidder will have to deposit the bid amount within three working days. The amount to be deposited will be the successful bid amount minus the reserve price already deposited as demand draft. After depositing the remaining amount, the successful bidder will be given the allotment letter of fancy registration number," the official said.

He said that if a person is found to be highest bidder (H1) for more than one fancy registration number, then the number for which he has quoted the highest bid amount, will only be allotted to him for each UAN.

"In case of more than one applicant applying at minimum reserve price and where no further incremental bid is made by any of these applicants, that fancy registration number will be allotted by the e-auction system through RANDOM selection," he added.

The official said that if the successful bidder fails to deposit the balance amount within the prescribed time, then the reserve price deposited by him or her shall be forfeited.

"If no fancy registration number is allocated to the applicant, the minimum reserve Price amount will be refunded back to the applicant. No interest shall be paid by the Transport department on the reserve price deposited by the bidder. The guidelines and instructions for the bidders will be available on the website. A helpline will also be established for guiding the interested persons," he added.

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