‘Rs 25,000 crore kitty for tackling climate change’

India is going to be affected "the most" by climate change.

Updated: Aug 21, 2010, 20:15 PM IST

New Delhi: India is going to be affected "the
most" by climate change but the government has made a
provision for Rs 25,000 crore to mitigate its impact,
Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh said on Saturday.

Replying to a debate on a private member`s resolution for
setting up a fund for dealing with climate change, the
minister said money is being raised through cess on coal and
compulsory afforestation fund.

Besides, the Finance Ministry has sanctioned Rs 5,000
crore as recommended by 13th Finance Commission.

"Climate change is a reality...It is a serious issue. We
are going to be affected the most by climate change. But we
are taking steps to mitigate it," he said.

The country is witnessing Monsoon extending to the last
week of August, "which is unusual".

About 220 scientists from 120 research institutions are
working on assessment of the impact of climate change on
agriculture, water, health and forest. The research covers
impact on the Himalayan glaciers, North Eastern region,
Western Ghat and coastal areas. Their report will be available
in the next two months, Ramesh said.

Giving a break-up of the fund plan, he said Rs 10,000
crore is already available under the Compensatory
Afforestation and Management Planning Authority (CAMPA). "The
first tranche of Rs 10,000 crore will be distributed to the
state government," he said.

Contributions to the CAMPA come from business
establishments taking up activities in forest land.

Another fund of Rs 10,000 crore would be generated by 2015
from clean energy cess on coal. The cess has become
operational and Rs 3,000 crore would be available under it
this fiscal.

The funds (Rs 5,000 crore), recommended by the 13th
Finance Commission would be released in the next five years to
states according to their forest cover.

Chhattisgarh, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh
will be the major beneficiaries under the scheme.

The mover of the resolution, N K Singh (JD-U) said he had
stressed for innovative ways of raising resources. After the
minister`s reply, Singh withdrew the resolution.