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Only NDA can bring about change in India: Modi in his blog

PTI | Last Updated: Saturday, May 10, 2014 - 22:26

New Delhi: Winding up his eight-month-long campaign, Narendra Modi on Saturday said NDA is the only alliance that can bring about change in India where people are "tired" of false promises, corruption and political dynasty.

Writing in his blog, Modi invoked history and said there is something special in India`s soil that makes it a world leader (Jagad guru) and called upon the people to help create a strong, developed and inclusive India that will once again show the way to the world.

The BJP Prime Ministerial candidate also thanked the people of the country for extending their support to him and assured them he will repay them with affection and "unprecedented development" to lay the foundation of a strong India.
"People are tired of false promises, corruption and the
same old tape-recorded messages ridden with dynastic references only to hide one`s own failure. They want a better tomorrow and NDA is the only alliance that can provide this change," Modi said.

Describing his long campaign as "extensive, innovative and satisfying", he said that "throughout our campaign, BJP took the agenda of development and good governance to every corner of India.

Modi addressed rallies and programmes in almost 5,800 locations, covering a distance of over 3 lakh kilometers in the last eight months starting September 13 ever since he became BJP`s Prime Ministerial candidate.

In his current poll campaign, he addressed 440 rallies, including Bharat Vijay Rallies that began on March 26 this year, besides 4,000 "Chai pe charcha" rallies and 12 rounds of 3D rallies at 1,350 locations.
"No words will be able to convey my gratitude to the people. I assure the people of India that I will repay this overwhelming affection with unprecedented development that will lay the foundations of a strong India," he said.

Modi reminded the role of a leader India has played in the world and hoped it once again plays that role again.

"There is something in this soil that makes India special. History is full of examples of how our land has shown the way to the world and today once again, our destined role of a Jagad Guru calls us. Let us rise to the occasion and create a strong, developed and inclusive India that will show the way to the world," he said.

Modi said the campaign was a wonderful opportunity to once again witness India`s "celebrated diversity, the vibrancy of the people and the beauty of our culture".

He said the "unprecedented" blessings received from people have been "very humbling" and said even if one would be tired after such a long campaign he was experiencing satisfaction and freshness like after a long and elaborate "Sadhna".

"Through the campaign, I got to worship the Janata Janardan," he said.

Though campaigning for the nine-phased polling ended today, Modi urged the voters, especially the youth, to come out in large numbers to vote for the last phase on Monday.

Modi said this campaign will be remembered for "path- breaking innovation" like `Chai pe charcha` rallies and use of latest technology like like 3D hologram rallies and social media Apps to not just make one-way communication with people but also interact with them.

Recalling the instances in the entire campaign, he said he cannot forget the affection received in the last eight months and said the Patna bomb blasts "will remain etched in my memory - there were live bombs on one side but the resolve of the people prevailed. Nobody left the venue of the rally."

He also recalled other events like in Visakhapatnam where people kept standing in the rain to hear him at a rally and at other places where people in large numbers kept waiting in the heat to listen to him.

Modi said that during the campaign he had a clear message that people have to decide on whether to fight with each other or to unite and fight poverty, saying the "former will lead us nowhere while the latter will take our nation to greater heights".

He said it was not Modi or any one else who is fighting these elections but it is the people of India who have taken these elections on their shoulders. "Each and every citizen of India has become a driving force of change," he said.

The Gujarat Chief Minister also thanked the party workers for their tireless and selfless efforts during the campaign as they went door-to-door to spread the party`s message to create a better India for future generations. He also lauded the role of the leaders from whose experience and wisdom the party derives immense strength and inspiration.

"We do not view campaigns through the limited prism of electoral victory or defeat...This campaign will be remembered for path-breaking innovation," he said.

First Published: Saturday, May 10, 2014 - 22:26
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