Gujarat Cong slams Narendra Modi for `misguiding`

Congress on Friday said that Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi was "misguiding" the country by giving "false and far from the true" data about the state.

Updated: Feb 08, 2013, 22:08 PM IST

"misguiding" the country by giving "false and far from the true" data about the state.

GPCC president Arjun Modhwadia, while addressing reporters here today, compared Gujarat with Haryana on 38 different parameters and claimed that the former`s performance was far worse than Haryana and also alleged that Modi has projected a "false and rosy" picture of the state.

Referring to Modi`s recent speech in New Delhi, he said, "If you compare the vital development parameters of the two states, it is clear that Modi, while addressing those 1,800 college students, had presented totally irresponsible, false and far from the truth data to misguide people."

"Haryana, which has half the population as compared to Gujarat, has never held any agriculture festival, which has become a fashion for the Gujarat CM, and still that state is on top in the country in the agriculture sector," he added.

He claimed that Haryana has been producing 52 percent of cars, 16 percent of tractors and 80 per cent of cranes and yet it had never boasted the state as a `Car Hub` of the country.

"Modi mentioned that in our country, 65 per cent of the population is 35 years of age. But he has never bothered to explain why 30 lakh youths are unemployed, out of which 10 lakhs are educated," he alleged.

Modhwadia has also claimed that as compared to Haryana, Gujarat was providing less amount of pension to its older population, widows and physically-challenged persons.

"The chief minister, who had boasted about the Raksha Shakti University and Teachers` University (in the state) has never cared to appoint permanent teachers with full wages in last 10 years in the state," he added.