Adolescents` brains process sugar differently than adults`: Study

Washington: A new study has revealed that adolescent brains process sugar differently than adult brains.

According to the study by researchers at the Yale School of Medicine, in adolescents, glucose increased the blood flow in the regions of the brain implicated in reward-motivation and decision-making, whereas in adults, it decreased the blood flow in these regions.

Lead researcher Ania Jastreboff said that that while they cannot speculate directly about how glucose ingestion may influence behavior, their study has certainly shown that there are differences in how adults and adolescents respond to glucose.

The researchers said that it is important because adolescents are the highest consumers of dietary added sugars and it is just the first step in understanding what is happening in the adolescent brain in response to consumption of sugary drinks.

The study was presented at the American Diabetes Association's 74th Scientific Sessions. 

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