New technology for collecting stem cells from bone marrow

New Delhi: Now, collecting stem cells from
bone marrow for treatment may no more be a time-consuming and
complex procedure.

While the existing method of harvesting stem cells takes
two hours, a new technology called BMAC (bone marrow aspirate
concentrate) system can do the same in just 15 minutes, claims
India`s largest stemcell banking provider Life Cell
International, which is introducing it.

Already approved by the Drug Controller General of India,
the BMAC procedure can be done within the operation theatre
and there is no need for special expertise.

S M Salahudeen, head of clinical trials, stem cells, Life
Cell International said, "Medanta Medcity in Gurgaon is
already conducting clinical trials to see the efficacy of this
technology in coronary artery bypass graft."

BMAC can rapidly produce a concentration of mononuclear
cells, platelets and granulocytes at the same time.

"In the existing methods of extraction, platelets and
granulocytes in bone marrow cannot be extracted and go waste.

But with BMAC these two growth factors can be collected too
which boost the stem cell therapy," he said.

Dr Sujata Mohanty, in-charge of the stem-cell facility at
AIIMS, said that the existing method of collecting stem cells
is time-taking. "It takes two hours to collect the cells and
put them to use," she said.

Stem cells are being used for treatment of diseases like
osteonecrosis and cartilage repair, tennis elbow, diabetic
foot ulcers, cardiovascular applications among others.