Now, save lives through your personal blood account!

To ensure easy supply of blood during emergencies, you can now create a personal blood account.  

Zee Media Bureau

New Delhi: You've heard of personal bank accounts and also have them for times when you need emergency cash, but have you heard of people having personal blood accounts?

It sounds like something a vampire would love, but it's actually a very thoughtful innovation – one that can save many lives, in fact.

You must have heard stories or known a few people who, due to lack of blood of a specific blood group, lost their lives.

Having a personal blood account promises to change that fate. To ensure easy supply of blood during emergencies, you can now create a personal blood account. You can save blood in it at regular intervals, withdraw it when required or transfer it to someone in need. The procedure can also be monitored through an android-based app.

As per the Times of India, the initiative is backed by the Indian Red Cross Society and J Walter Thompson India. "Most of us think twice before donating blood. Studies reveal that 90% of the population has never donated blood. So we decided to change the language. We replaced the word `donation' with `bank saving' and created the world's first blood banking app which helps one store blood into a unique account," said Senthil Kumar, chief creative officer, J Walter Thompson India.

Times of India further said that, "Indian Red Cross Society has already established blood banks across the country. With the digital blood banking concept and the launch of the app, the entire process of depositing, withdrawing and transfer will be extremely useful to the internet-savvy public. Finding blood donors during emergencies is tough. This will go a long way in helping patients," said S Ashok Kumar Shetty, general secretary, Indian Red Cross Society , Karnataka branch. Karnataka branch.

How it works:

You will be required to open the account at either the The Bengalee Association or the state branch of Indian Red Cross Society. You will then receive a personal account number to monitor the individual account through the app, which will record all information, track the account and provide timely reminders about the savings.

The app will be launched today, 3rd April, at The Bengalee Association and the state branch of the Indian Red Cross Society.  

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