Vinegar boosts good cholesterol levels

A spoonful or two of vinegar a day may boost your levels of good cholesterol.

Researchers believe that people who consume apple cider vinegar for eight weeks will have improved levels of good or HDL cholesterol compared with those given a placebo.

A clinical trial, conducted by the University of Minnesota, US, has been looking at 120 people, half of whom had the vinegar while the others were given a placebo ­containing a two per cent balsamic vinegar ­solution in water, reports the Daily Mail .

Apple cider vinegar, a common kitchen remedy for arthritis and gout, has already been shown to lower blood sugar levels and reduce appetite, according to a Minnesota statement.

A separate study based on animals with diabetes, has already shown that apple cider vinegar lowered levels of bad cholesterol and improved good cholesterol.

It`s thought that vinegar speeds up the processing of fats.