Alkaline or pH diet eases variety of ailments

London: The alkaline or pH diet not only aids weight loss but can help alleviate a variety of ailments from indigestion to arthritis, followers of the diet have claimed.

They also said it could allegedly make you happier, more energetic and even reverse the ageing process, the Daily Express reported.

Alkaline or pH diet, which consists mostly of fruit, salads, vegetables, chickpeas, coconuts and almonds, is the diet of choice for models, fashion designers and celebrities.

The theory is that all foods once digested leave a mineral residue in the body, which is either acid or alkaline. Our bodies need to be alkaline so we should avoid overloading our system with acid-forming foods such as sugar, meat, dairy, white bread and pasta.

To neutralise acid our body steals minerals such as calcium and magnesium from our bones to keep the body’s pH levels stable.

To avoid an acid surplus the pH diet theory says we need to eat foods that leave an alkaline residue, mainly green vegetables and most fruits, especially, though it sounds contradictory, acidic ones such as lemons.

Stephanie Morgan whose company Raw and Juicy provides bespoke alkaline diet meals delivered to your door claims the diet isn’t meant to be an ordeal.

A woman who followed the diet said “not only have I had a week off cooking, I’ve lost 4lbs and even my husband tells me I look better.”

“By the end of the fortnight I’ve lost half a stone but I find keeping up a near-vegan diet difficult and, without meat, I feel rather tired,” she added.

But doctors and nutritionists are not on the side of the pH diet, saying that the body can manage to stay alkaline all by itself.

Nutritionist Zoe Harcombe warned: “A diet that cuts out animal foods can have dangers long term. A vegan diet cannot provide certain vitamins such as retinol, the animal form of vitamin A, which is vital for wound healing, cell repair and eyesight, vitamin B12, which is essential to prevent anaemia and vitamin K2.”

However, Stephanie stated the key to integrating an alkaline diet into life is to adopt a 70/30 rule, which says while 70 per cent of your diet should be alkaline, 30 per cent can include meat, coffee and wine.


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