Simple ways to cripple your eye trouble in summer!

Zee Media Bureau/Shruti Mishra

With rise in summer heat, rises the risk of eye infection. The merciless heat waves instigate a number of eye-related problems ranging from viral conjunctivitis to dry eye.

Do you know why? Because summer is a perfect budding season for many kinds of bacteria and viruses. The hot and humid temperature supports their multiplication which ultimately leads to eye infections.

Also, during summer the strong dusty winds up the level of pollens in air which are also responsible for wide range of eye irritations like catarrhal conjunctivitis.

Direct exposure to the scorching sunrays cause damage to retina and increase the risk of developing cataracts.

Wondering how to keep your eyes healthy in summer? Try these simple and super-safe methods:

Invest in good sunglasses

This summer raise your style statement with good pair of sunglasses. Sunglasses ward off maximum UV rays and dust. If eye experts are to be believed, sunglasses guard upto 99% of harmful UV radiation.

Keep yourself hydrated

Make it a habit of drinking 9-10 glasses of water in an entire day. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day decreases the puffiness and dark circles of eye as well as protects you from sun-stroke.

Say no to air-conditioning (AC)

In case you are detected with any kind of eye infections, try to avoid sitting in AC as much as possible.

Follow eye exercises

Simple eye exercises are the best way to relive stress. Rub your palms together until it gets warm and then gently place them on your closed eye-lids for 2-3 minutes. This simple eye workout can do wonders. This not only relaxes eye nerves but also improves vision.

Add greens and fruits in diet

Try to eat enough leafy vegetables and fruits like spinach, cucumber, watermelon etc. These have high water content and prevents dryness of eye.

Maintain hygiene

An itchy eye is the primary symptom of any eye problem. At such times the urge to rub them is very natural. But try not to do this because the dust particles on hands will worsen the condition. Always clean your hands properly before touching the eyes.

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