Join `Clean India` campaign, buy khadi products: PM Narendra Modi urges Indians

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday delivered first radio address which was broadcast on the state-owned All India Radio.

Join `Clean India` campaign, buy khadi products: PM Narendra Modi urges Indians
  • PM Narendra Modi concludes his 15-minute address. 
  • I am very happy that I can reach all of you through the radio, especially our poor in villages: PM Narendra Modi
  • In the 'Man ki Baat' (heart talk) programme that coincided with Dussehra, the PM says: "If everyone takes one step forward, the country will take 125 crores steps forward."
  • If you have ideas and actual incidents which are constructive, do share with me on PM
  • I will consider the suggestion for making registration of small-scale industries easier: Modi 
  • Appreciating the suggestion for special programmes for the specially-abled children, the PM recalls his days as Gujarat Chief Minister and adds: "We began Khel Mahakumbh for specially-abled athletes and I myself would go and see the sports."
  • Referring to the specially-abled children, the PM says: "They are the responsibility of not only their families but the entire society."
  • PM Modi says he welcomes everyone to write and share their thoughts with him. "Together let us serve India and take our nation to new heights."
  • Some wrote to me that we should have more dustbins. This is also a good point: Modi
  • On e-mail, a lot of people wrote to me that children should begin skill development courses at a very young age. This is a good suggestion: PM Modi
  • It is important for people to be a part of the development journey, says Modi.
  • This country belongs to the citizens, not the government. People should come together: Modi
  • If we move ahead with self-respect and right identity, we will emerge victorious: PM
  • We need to recognise our internal strengths, says the Prime Minister.
  • I think our 1.25 billion people have immense potential in them and are very capable. And we can stand up with confidence: Modi
  • There is great strength in the people of this country of 1.25 billion. There is need for us to recognise the strength within us, like Swami Vivekananda said. If we recognise the strength within ourselves, our self esteem will rise and we will be victorious. Our country will also become victorious and successful, adds Modi.
  • "Some time later, the cub that had gone with the mother tigress saw the other cub among the sheep and wondered how a tiger had come to behave like a sheep. It went up to him and told him you are a tiger, and he replied, 'No, I am a sheep'. He took him to a well and showed him both their reflections in the water. The tiger then recognised who he was and roared. His identity was awoken."
  • Narrating a short story, the PM says: "Swami Vivekananda used to recount a tale about a tigress who went hunting with her two cubs and saw a flock of sheep. She went to hunt and one of the cubs followed her, while the other got left behind. A mother sheep adopted the cub and it grew up among sheep, and its behaviour became that of a sheep." 
  • Even Swami Vivekanand has said that we are all skilled, but we must understand our skills: PM
  • The PM underlines that till "we start walking, there will be no one to show us the way. We have to take the initiative." 
  • We have to understand ourselves better and integrate our strengths. We are not lacking in strength: PM
  • You know, our scientists have undertaken the Mars mission successfully at minimum expenses. There is nothing lacking in our capabilities. We only have forgotten our strengths. We have forgotten ourselves as if we have become despondent. My brothers and sisters, this cannot be​: Modi
  • The PM says the Khadi Gramudyog Bhavans are giving a special discount in the festival season, so people should take advantage of it.
  • Sharing his thoughts in his first such address, titled 'Man ki Baat', the PM says: "If we buy one Khadi item, it could be a bedsheet, a handkerchief, or anything, but a khadi item, it would help light a lamp in a poor family's house."
  • I urge people to buy at least one Khadi product.
  • This Vijaya Dashmi, let us win over dirtiness around us. Let us pledge to remove dirt. Yesterday (Thursday), we began the Clean India campaign and I want you all to join this campaign: PM Modi on AIR
  • I will speak to you once or twice a month on Sundays at 11 am on AIR: Modi
  • Today, I want to share `Man ki Baat` with you all, says Modi.
  • I wish you all on the occasion of Vijaya Dashmi. This day celebrates the victory of good over evil: Modi
  • Narendra Modi begins his first radio address. 
  • On microblogging website Twitter, PM Modi says he is looking forward to share his thoughts on AIR.


  • A senior official said that post recording of Modi's address, the All India Radio will prepare a transcript to be later translated in regional languages. The AIR would repeat the telecast in regional languages on its regional channels on the evening of October 3, the official said.
  • According to reports, the BJP-led government has spent approximately Rs 1-1.5 crore on newspaper advertisements for the campaign.
  • The initiative would help Modi connect directly with millions across the country who have no access to TV.
  • The programme titled 'Man ki Baat' will be aired at 11 am, and is likely to dominate the entire broadcasting space as audio and visuals are likely to be carried on all FM and community radio stations along with news and current affairs TV channels.
  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi will on Friday deliver first radio address which will be broadcast on the state-owned All India Radio. 

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