Winter begins in upper reaches of Kashmir Valley

The picturesque resort of Gulmarg experienced its first snowfall.

Gulmarg: Winter has begun in the Kashmir Valley, with reports of snowfall in the upper reaches of the region.

The picturesque resort of Gulmarg experienced its first snowfall.

The snowfall means days of prosperity for people engaged in travel, tourism and hospitality sectors.

The snowfall has begun luring scores of tourists from across the country and abroad.

The Mall Road in Gulmarg was covered with inches of snow, and on their part, the tourists regaled in playing with snowballs.

Sharing her delight, Trisha, a tourist, said this was her first experience in the snowfall and also mentioned that she had specially come to witness this.

“The weather is very good here, it is my first experience in snow. Of course, the climate here is chill and biting cold,” said Trisha.

Consequent to the snowfall, the mercury dipped beyond the minus mark prompting the tourists and also locals to dress up in warm clothing.

Speaking to the media, Tarun, another tourist, said he was thrilled to watch the snowfall and even quipped to say that life is futile sans the experience of snowfall.

“The life of the human is waste without seeing snow,” opined Tarun.

The travel industry is expecting to do a good business during the season since snowfall is one of the prime attractions for the domestic tourists.

Gulmarg, a bowl shaped plateau at an altitude of 8,500 feet in Pir Panjal of the mighty Himalayan range is a popular destination for tourists, particularly those with an interest in winter sports.

Jammu and Kashmir is famous for winter activities such as snow boarding, skating, sledge rides, gondola jaunts, cable car rides and skiing.

Gulmarg provides an attractive picture postcard look with snow-capped mountains, lush beautiful valleys and miniature cottages.