IAC protest outside Ambani home fails

India Against Corruption (IAC) workers protested alleged corruption by industrialist Ambani and HSBC bank outside the Ambani residence in Cuffe Parade on Saturday.

Updated: Nov 11, 2012, 08:46 AM IST

Mumbai: On Saturday, it was all chaos at the India Against Corruption (IAC) protest outside the Ambani residence in Cuffe Parade.

The IAC was protesting the alleged corruption by industrialist Ambani and HSBC bank. The protest was meant to start at noon but got delayed as some volunteers ended up outside the Ambani residence at Napean Sea Road.

Only 50 people turned up at Sea Wind building where the Ambani brothers reside.

IAC activist Preeti Sharma Menon said, “The aam admiwants to voice their anger against millions of rupees being siphoned off. The Ambanis are at the forefront of this crony capitalism, hence the protest.”

The small group at Cuffe Parade were mingling with the policemen and having tea with them. As the rest of the crew came in, theyshouted slogans like “Bharat mata ki jai”, “Inqalab zindabad”, “Bharshtrachari bahar niklo, Ambani bandhu sharm karo,” and waved posters against the Ambanis.

Mayank Gandhi, the Mumbai coordinator of IAC stressed that the protesters were honest people.About the HSBC and the Swiss bank accounts controversy, Gandhi stated, “We want to know all the 700 people who have money in the Swiss banks, HSBC’s operations stopped and the guilty behind bars.”

When asked, passersby were unsure about what was going on. The protest ended at 2 pm.