Carla talks HIV patients` rights with Sonia

Rights of HIV/AIDS patients was the topic of discussion when Carla Bruni met Sonia Gandhi.

New Delhi: Rights of HIV/AIDS patients was the topic of discussion when French First Lady Carla Bruni met UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi at a dinner hosted by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh here on Sunday night.

Bruni, who was asked about her meeting with Gandhi, told reporters here today that she had spoken to her about the global movement for prevention of HIV transmission and the rights of AIDS patients.
"I spoke about the need for prevention of transmission of HIV, particularly those from mothers to children, during my interaction with Sonia Gandhi," Bruni said in French, which was translated by one of the French Embassy staff members accompanying her.

However, Bruni did not say what Gandhi`s response was on her mentioning of the movement financed worldwide by Global Fund of which the French First Lady is the Ambassador.
Asked about the response from Indians, the model-turned-activist said she was "surprised" to know that she was popular in India too.

Bruni said she also loved her visits to Bangalore and Agra where she and her husband Nicolas Sarkozy spent considerable at the Taj Mahal.