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Falak`s story moves many across the borders

Battered baby Falak may have passed away but the two-year-old`s struggle for survival continues to move many a hearts not only in India but also in Pakistan.

New Delhi: Battered baby Falak may have
passed away but the two-year-old`s struggle for survival
continues to move many a hearts not only in India but also
in Pakistan.

It has been seven days since Falak, who was brought to
AIIMS with severe head injuries, broken arms, bite marks all
over her body and cheeks branded with hot iron, died, but the
doctors who were treating her are still recieving condolence
messages including those from Pakistan.

"...I pray for Baby Falak. May ALLAH shower HIS MAGIC
here..I dont know what exactly to say...I know this- I am
sad..weeping for falak. I am a mother of 2 kids....," Dr
Deepak Agarwal said quoting a mail that came from Lubna, a
Pakistani national.

Agarwal, assistant professor with the department
of neurosurgery at the AIIMS Trauma Centre, had been attending
on Baby Falak from the day she was admitted there.

The abandones baby girl was admitted to the AIIMS Trauma
Centre on January 18. After having recuperated from her
injuries and waiting to be discharged from the hospital, she
suddenly suffered an unexpected heart attack on the night of
March 15 and passed away.

During the course of her 58-day treatment at the Trauma
Centre, Falak had blood, chest and brain infection and
underwent five surgeries and had also suffered two heart

Another mail which came to the doctors from Gunjeet, a
citizen of Canada, read, "I just don`t know what to feel for
Falak. One had so much hope and felt that she would have
somehow lead a normal life. It feels strange that such a young
life should have undergone so much pain in just two years. It
must be extremely difficult for you and your entire team since
you all put in so much for her...

"My sincere sympathies for the loss since you and your
team are the ones who cared and sustained her during this
time. I just hope there are no more horrific cases of this
sort ever. God bless her soul."

Moved by Falak`s plight, Indians as well people from the
outside countries had expressed their desire to adopt her.

Baby Falak was brought to the hospital by a girl, who had
falsely claimed to be her mother. Investigations revealed the
shocking story of Falak, her two siblings and their mother who
were all separated after falling victim to human traffickers.

Falak`s mother Munni was tricked into a second marriage
by three women who had promised that her three children
will be taken care of but they were left to different people.

Agarwal said, "She had survived all odds and was doing
well when the cardiac arrest happened. Even at the age of two
she was great fighter."


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