Fast Attack Craft to be commissioned in Navy

The Indigenously built Indian Navy`s Fast Attack Craft, Kalpeni, is to soon join Indian Navy.

Kochi: The Indigenously built Indian
Navy`s Fast Attack Craft (FAC), Kalpeni, is expected to be
commissioned in the Indian Navy in a month`s time.

The vessel built at the Garden Reach Ship Builders and
Engineers (GRSE), Kolkatta, arrived here yesterday to a warm

Kalpeni can be used mainly for search and rescue
operations, naval patrol duties, detection and destruction of
fast moving craft and other targets, Naval sources said. It
can also be used for anti smuggling.

Lt Commander S Nathan, is the captain of the ship, which
has has four officers and 38 sailors.

The ship is fitted with the 30 mm CRN 91 gun built by the
Ordinance Factory, Medak along with light, medium and heavy

It has reverse osmosis technology drinking water plant and
sewerage treatment plant.

Weighing 320 tonnes, the ship is 52 metres long Kalpeni
belongs to the Car Nicobar class in the FACT series and is the
seventh vessel in the 10 similar ships of the same class. Two
similar vessels-- INS Cankarso and INS Kondul were recently
commissioned in the navy at vishakapatnam.

Lt Commander S Nathan said the new vessel with its high
speed and high manoeuverablity and ability to be in the outer
sea for a long time will contribute to the coastal security
efforts of the navy.