`Govt responsible for rise in Left-wing extremism`

Communist Party of India leader D Raja said the Congress-led UPA Government has failed to address the concerns of the tribal people.

Updated: Sep 08, 2012, 13:20 PM IST

New Delhi: Communist Party of India (CPI) leader D Raja on Saturday said the Congress-led UPA Government has failed to address the concerns of the tribal people, which have led to the growth of Left-wing extremism.

Raja, who was commenting on Prime Minister’s statement that Left-wing extremism was a cause for worry, said it is high time Dr Manmohan Singh introspects this serious issue.

"He (Prime Minister) thinks that the Left-wing extremism poses the single gravest threat to India to internal security. Actually the government has failed to address the genuine concerns of the tribal people. It is the failure of the government to protect the interests and rights of the tribal people that have led to the growth of extremism in some states. So, Prime Minister should do some serious introspection," he said.

"There are fundamentalist forces who have allegiance to RSS, VHP. There are fundamentalist forces who have allegiance to Islam fundamentalism. They try to provoke people on communal lines and try to start communal conflict. This is a very serious situation. And here, the state government of Assam has initially failed to put down the violence resulting in these kinds of clashes. Assam is ruled by the Congress Party, our Prime Minister represents Assam," he added.

The Prime Minister earlier today said that Left-wing extremists who have been gradually able to increase their numbers, enhance their ``military potential and entrench themselves in some areas of the seven affected sates in the country is and should be a cause of worry``.

"Acquisition of indigenous capacity for fabrication of hardware and the ability to ideologically sway sections of society into raising a clamour about violation of human rights only adds to the complexity of the situation. The para-military forces have to play an important role in minimising the loss of lives due to the use of improvised explosive devices and preventing the exploitation of inter-State boundaries by Left-wing extremists," said Dr Singh in his address at the Annual Conference of DGPs/ IGPs here.

"The state police forces on their part must ensure that Left-wing extremists that are apprehended are prosecuted quickly and effectively," he added.

Dr Singh further said the Left-wing extremist affected states also need to improve the police-population ratio, strengthen police infrastructure and equip their police forces with better weapons, better communication systems and better training.

Raja further said the incidents of communal tensions in the northeast are definitely a cause for worry, but blamed the Congress-led Assam Government for failing to put an end to violence initially.

"Definitely it’s a matter of concern not only for the Prime Minister, but for the entire nation because northeast is very sensitive region, particularly Assam continues to be tense. The ethnic conflicts turned into communal conflicts. Actually what happened initially was an ethnic conflict, now there are forces on both sides," said Raja.

The Prime Minister earlier said the increase in the communal incidents in the country in the past few months and the revival of ethnic tensions in the northeast in recent weeks has been a cause for concern to all.

"The ethnic disturbances of the North East assumed a national dimension with the flight of people belonging to the North East from various towns of South and Western India," said Dr Singh.

"This further strained the communal situation in the country, which was already showing some signs of deterioration, particularly in the states of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Kerala," he added.