PM salutes Anna Hazare, urges him to end fast

The PM said that he was hurt by the accusations levelled at him by the Opposition.

Zeenews Bureau

New Delhi: The Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Thursday went that extra mile in Parliament by making a personal appeal to Anna Hazare to end his fast. The PM said that the Gandhian “had made his point” and that he was committed to bringing a strong Lokpal.

“I applaud him, I salute him,” PM declared amidst thunderous applause in the Lok Sabha. Manmohan Singh went on to say that Anna was the embodiment of the disgust that people have with corruption.

“His life is much too precious. Therefore I would urge Shri Anna Hazare to end his fast.”

He assured Team Anna that the Jan Lokpal Bill would be given due consideration in the Standing Committee of Parliament and its points could be incorporated in the Lokpal Bill along with other ideas like that of Aruna Roy.

Acknowledging that corruption was a major nation issue, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh assured the nation that the government, “would do everything in our power to clean the system”. He added that everyone had to, “collectively work towards finding a credible solution to deal with the problem”.

The PM said that they were open to all suggestions and said that they were committed to, “a strong and effective Lokpal on which there is a national consensus”. He promised to work with all sections of the house “to realise the dream.”

Responding to the accusations by the Opposition of turning a blind eye to corruption, Manmohan Singh said that it is made out, “as if I am the fountainhead of corruption and knowingly connived with some of my colleagues in corruption”.

On an emotional note he asserted, “Look at my property accumulated over the last 41 years in public service and 7 years as Prime Minister. I may have made mistakes. To err is human, but to accuse me of corruption is unacceptable.”

“In the 41 years of my public life, I have served the nation to the best of my ability.”

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