Sunanda Pushkar death: `Mom was too strong to commit suicide`

Scotching the the speculations that his mother might have commited suicide, Shiv Menon, the bereaved son of Sunanda Pushkar, has stated that his mother was “too strong” to take her own life.

By Supriya Jha | Last Updated: Jan 22, 2014, 08:29 AM IST

Zee Media Bureau

New Delhi: Scotching the speculations that his mother might have committed suicide, Shiv Menon, the bereaved son of Sunanda Pushkar, has stated that his mother was “too strong” to take her own life.

"Anyone who knew my mother would simply know that she was too strong to commit suicide," read the statement issued by Shiv according to a report.

In a statement released on Monday, the 21-year old son of Sunanda, also trashed the rumours of Union Minister Shashi Tharoor having any role in her death, saying they were in love despite differences, reported a news website.

"Do not believe that Shashi was capable of harming her let alone the speculation that he could have taken her life."
“Shashi Tharoor would never physically abuse my mother. Though there were differences between them they were deeply in love with each other,” he added.

Even as Sunanda`s post-mortem report suggested that she died of drug overodose, and Death » the Sub-Divisional Magistrate Alok Sharma has ordered a probe to find out whether it was a murder or suicide; Shiv rubbished any foul play in her death attributing it to “an unfortunate combination of media stress, tensions and a wrong mix of different medications."

"Sunanda`s death was peaceful, she passed in her sleep," the statement read.

Apparently displeased by the intense media scrutiny over his mother`s death, the aggrieved son said, "Please let her soul rest. I think there has been enough attention drawn towards her in life, let us at least let her rest in her passing".

Shiv Menon, 21, is Sunanda`s son from her second marriage with Sujith Menon, who died in a car accident in 1997.

Sunanda, wife of Union Minister Shashi Tharoor, was reported dead on Jan 17, when her body was found in a hotel room in Delhi`s five star Leela Palace. 

Sunanda`s remains were consigned to flames at the Lodhi Road crematorium, with her son Shiv menon and father PN Dass in tears. 

At a prayer meet on Monday, after her ashes were immersed in the holy Ganga, Shiv Menon described his mother as “an angel” who left the world for a better place.

"She was an angel. She didn`t belong here; she is in a cleaner place now and looking upon us with a smile. She was really an angel," he said.

Speaking in the same prayer meet, Shahsi Tharoor said that Sunanda made him feel complete.

“Sunanda was the light of our lives, luminous from within. She completed me. Today I feel a sense of incompleteness," he added.