Microsoft launches Microsoft Office 365

The launch is a part of Microsoft`s comprehensive cloud services strategy.

New Delhi: Software giant Microsoft today
launched its Microsoft Office 365 in India, which will enable
enterprises in the country to access solutions like email and
other collaboration tools on a pay-per-use model.

"The launch is a part of Microsoft`s comprehensive cloud
services strategy. Microsoft 365 provides all the enterprise
solutions on a flexible usage and payment model, along with
security and simplified IT management," Microsoft India
Managing Director Sanket Akerkar told reporters here.

Over the last 45 days, more than 12,000 organisations in
the country have signed up for Office 365 trails, he added.

With the suite of solutions, companies can use email,
collaboration, conferencing and productivity capabilities for
about USD 2-27 (about Rs 100-1,350) per user, depending on
what solutions the organisation opts for.

Since the solutions are cloud-based, users can access
their mails and files through a variety of devices like
desktops, laptops and mobile phones and work on projects while
on the move.

Cloud computing facilitates sharing of technological
resources, software and digital information. Since the
technology is Internet-based, data and solutions can be
accessed from anywhere using a browser. The emerging field
functions on a pay-per-use model which will help them bring
down cost.

According to a Springboard Research report, India`s
mobile workforce is expected to grow 53 per cent over next
four years to reach 205 million by 2015. Therefore, companies
are looking at enterprise solutions, which offer mobility