Killings of Nawab Bugti’s relatives shock Karachi

In a political double-murder case, the relatives of slain Baloch nationalist leader, Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti were brutally shot dead in Karachi.

Zeenews Bureau

Islamabad: In a high profile political double-murder case, the daughter and granddaughter of slain Baloch nationalist leader, Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti were brutally shot dead in Pakistan’s Karachi city last week.

The shocking murders are being seen as a warning sign to the leader of Baloch Republican Party, Brahmadagh Bugti, late Nawab Bugti’s grandson.

The killings include Brahmadagh`s daughter, Jhumar, 34, who was married to Balochistan member of provincial assembly Mir Bakhtiar Domki and their daughter, Jaana Domki. They were both shot dead near Gizri flyover of Karachi. The driver of their vehicle, Barkat Baloch was also shot dead.

According to the reports, the attack took place a short distance from Jhumar`s maternal uncle`s home in the heavily policed Clifton area.

Baloch nationalist website, Balochwarna reports that a black car intercepted Jhumar`s car in Clifton around midnight. A man in dressed in black clothes with a black face mask came out to carry out the attack.

Then the assailant opened the rear door and two bikes accosted the car. Jhumar offered her jewellery, phone and valuables to the man thinking that he was a robber. In response, the killer said he didn`t need her valuables but he was there to kill her and her daughter.

Adding brutality to the murders, victim Jhumar was made to witness the brutal murder of her daughter, Jaana. Then, Jhumar was shot, over a dozen times in the head, face and neck at point blank range and was left in a pool of blood.

The soul- stirring murders have once again plunged Pakistan`s southern Baluchistan province into political mayhem. The country`s Supreme Court has termed the case as most sensitive and ordered the arrest of the murderers by February 10.

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