`Pak, India should compete in economic reforms`

PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif has urged New Delhi and Islamabad to resolve all issues through dialogue.

Lahore: Pakistan Muslim League-N (PML-N) chief Nawaz Sharif has called on both Pakistan and India to move beyond the old thought process for resolving the outstanding issues marring relations between the two nuclear neighbours.

Addressing a function ‘Building Bridges in the Subcontinent’ held in connection with the Independence Day, Nawaz said that Islam preaches maintaining cordial relationship with neighbours, adding that Pakistan should maintain ideal and peaceful relationships with its neighbours, including India, as part of Islamic teachings.

He maintained that both countries must resolve all issues through dialogue, and that people-to-people contact should be increased because peace and prosperity are substantially connected to it.

Pakistan and India should have competition in economic reforms, rather than competing with each other in an arms race, the Dawn quoted Nawaz, as saying.

He said that the arms race between the two countries had damaged their social sector and infrastructure, and that both nations needed to resolve bilateral issues and increase trade for the betterment of the people in two countries.

India and Pakistan shared common heritage, habits and culture, the former prime minister said, and supported continuing bilateral dialogue to solve all problems.

He was of the view that the two countries should work together in infrastructure development as well as for the close economic ties.

Nawaz noted that both countries shared same eating habits, language, culture and other commonalities. “The difference is only of the border,” he averred.