Nothing in Setusamudram project that could offend Hindus: Karunanidhi

DMK`s M Karunanidhi who made controversial remarks in on Setusamudram project that involves dredging of Ram Setu or Adams Bridge claimed there was nothing that could offend Hindus and slammed opponents.

Chennai: DMK chief M Karunanidhi, who had made controversial remarks in the context of the Sethusamudram project that involves dredging of the Ram Sethu or Adams Bridge, on Monday claimed there was nothing that could offend Hindus and slammed opponents of the venture.
In a letter to partymen titled, The Sethusamduram Shipping Channel project that does not offend Hindus, the 88-year-old leader slammed opposition to the Rs 2400 crore project, saying it was basically to prevent DMK from taking credit.

Union Culture Minister Ambika Soni had informed Parliament that there was no archaeological proof that a bridge existed there, he said.

Sethusamudram Shipping Channel Environmental Monitoring Committee chief S Kannayan had made similar comments in 2007, Karunanidhi recalled.

Then Union Shipping Minister TR Baalu had also scotched reports that NASA had released satellite pictures of `Ram Sethu` and that the matter itself had been taken up with the space agency though it had not responded, he said.

"In an interview at Ramanathapuram, Baalu had said that the Ram Sethu issue was raised for getting Hindu votes. There were no proof of any such bridge following drilling tests at 81 sites. We are particular that Hindus’ sentiments should not be hurt. There is scientific proof for that. We had shown them to Hindu Saints in Delhi and they had accepted them," Karunanidhi said, recalling Baalu’s words.

Responding to those opposed to dredging of the Ram Sethu on the grounds that it was constructed by Lord Ram to cross over to Sri Lanka, Karunanidhi had earned widespread criticism a few years ago for his comments including asking whether Lord Ram was an engineer from any technical institution to have constructed a bridge. Many Hindu outfits had slammed him for his comments.

Slamming the Jayalalithaa Government for opposing the project, DMK had announced state-wide public meetings on May 15 to press the Centre for completing the project speedily.