Villagers wave black flags at Nityananda’s visit

Nityananda`s appointment as head of Saivite Mutt has triggered a controversy and many religious leaders and political outfits have protested the move.

Kumbakonam: People from two villages on Wednesday waved a black flags at Madurai Adheenam head Arunandhagiri Swamigal along and self styled godman Nityananda when they visited a temple here, protesting against the appointment of the latter as head of the ancient Saivite Mutt, police said.

A large group of people from Kanjanur and Manulr villages waved black flags when the two visited Agniswaraswamy temple, Kanjanur, near here.

Later talking to reporters, Swamigal said he has every right to appoint his successor and no need to consult with other adheenams on the matter.
Nityananda`s appointment as the head of the 1500 year-old Saivite Mutt here has triggered a controversy. Many religious leaders and political outfits have protested the appointment.

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