`Assange`s white hair result of failed experiment`

A book has blasted WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange as predatory, narcissistic, fantasist.

Canberra: WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange`s distinctive white hair is due to a failed teenage science experiment, a new book has revealed.

In a new book titled ‘The Revolution Will Be Digitised’, British journalist Heather Brooke gives a detailed account of her meetings and experiences with the 40-year-old Australian, who is under house arrest.

Brooke explained how Assange, who used to wear a platinum-blond bob, now cut short, told her the story of his hair, News.com.au reports.

“It went white as a result of a childhood experiment with a cathode ray tube that went wrong,” Assange told Brooke.

It is believed the mishap occurred when Assange was 15, up to which age he was blond.

Assange insisted his current hair colour is ‘real’.

“I used to have it down my back. When I was travelling in Vietnam it got very annoying because everywhere I went people would want to touch it,” he told Brooke.

The book, due for release in the UK later this month, has blasted Assange as ‘predatory, narcissistic, fantasist’ and a person unaware of any personal boundaries.


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