`Berlusconi hypnotised me by sexual prowess`

Sabina Began, reveals how she was "hypnotised" by his sexual prowess.

London: More trouble seems to be brewing for
Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, with a woman accused
of recruiting prostitutes for the 74-year-old revealing how
she was "hypnotised" by his sexual prowess.

In an interview to a magazine, Sabina Began, who is one
of eight people said to have hired the women for Berlusconi`s
parties, described how she was swept off her feet by him at a
party he hosted at his luxury villa, the Daily Mail reported.

"It was as if I had been hypnotised by him, it was a
wonderful night," the 38-year-old actress told `Vanity Fair`.

Sabina, who has the letters `SB` tattooed on her ankle in
honour of the politician, explained how she had arrived at the
estate with a group of people including Formula One boss
Flavio Briatore and his wife Elisabetta Gregoraci.

She also described how the sleazy media tycoon charmed
his way into her affections following a walk near a small lake
on his estate near Porto Cervo in Sardinia in 2005.
"I plucked up the courage to ask him would it be possible
that one day I could return with my boyfriend if I had one and
have a similar romantic walk with him," she said.

"Berlusconi looked me straight in the eyes with an icy
look and said `No` -- I only realised he was having fun with
me when he said `Not unless you are my girlfriend. To do that
you have to take my hand` and from there we never looked back.

"We had dinner on Briatore`s yacht Force Blue and he
(Berlusconi) was whispering in my ear, he was hypnotising me
after two hours I was hot and ready -- there was no stopping
us from there.

"I looked him in the eyes and said `I want to spend the
night with you`. I was embarrassed but it was a romantic,
wonderful night."

Began also disclosed that she was in fact in love with
the politician, saying: "He was the only man who had made me
feel like a woman. Over dinner one night he told me I was

According to prosecutors, Began, businessman Giampaolo
Tarantini and footballer Cristiano Ronaldo`s former girlfriend
Letizia Filippi were among eight people who hired women for
parties Berlusconi hosted at his official residences in Rome
and Sardinia.

Among the guests at one of his parties was George Clooney
and Began said she had arranged the party and had merely asked
Tarantini if he "knew any girls as the guest list had too many
men on it", there is no suggestion that Clooney had sex with
any of the women.

Among the women who were guests at the parties was high
class escort Patrizia D`Addario who says she was paid to spend
the night with Berlusconi at his Palazzo Grazioli home in Rome
in 2008 and she was given 1,000 Euro.

She later went on to write a book about her experiences
in which she praised Berlusconi -- who will be 75 tomorrow --
for his sexual stamina saying that he deserved "a place in the
Guinness Book of Records".

A judge has to decide if there is enough evidence for the
case to proceed against the eight people involved and the
investigation is separate to another involving Berlusconi and
33 women said to have been recruited for his infamous "bunga
bunga" parties in Milan.

That case resumed last month and he has been charged with
having sex with an underage prostitute and abuse of office and
Clooney has been listed as a potential witness for that trial.


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