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Boston bombers possibly `lone wolves`: Mayor

Last Updated: Monday, April 22, 2013 - 09:47

Washington: The two Chechen brothers suspected to be behind the twin bomb blasts in Boston were possibly `lone wolves` or terrorists who act alone without assistance from any group, the city`s mayor said today.

"All of the information that I have is they acted alone, these two individuals, the brothers," Boston Mayor Thomas Menino, told ABC news in an interview.

The mayor`s remarks came even as federal investigating authorities are anxiously waiting for the improvement in condition of Dzhokhar Tsarnev, 19, who is hospitalised in serious condition in a Boston hospital.

Dzhokhar was arrested on Friday night from a boat parked in the back yard of a house in a Boston neighborhood, where he was hiding.

His elder brother Tamerlan Tsarnaev, 26, was shot dead in a police gunfight on Thursday, from where Dzhokhar had managed to escape.

"The older brother`s dead now. We have the second one at Beth Israel Hospital in very serious condition. And we don`t know if we`ll ever be able to question the individual," the mayor said referring to the serious injury to Dzhokhar.

According to hospital authorities he is injured in the throat, so it might be difficult for him to speak.

According to news reports, the charges against Dzhokhar could come as early as today.

"These two individuals held this whole city hostage for five days. That`s what these terrorists want to do, hold the city hostage and stop the economy of the city. Look at what happened on Friday, the whole city was on lockdown, no businesses open, nobody was leaving their homes. There was no business being held at all," he said.

Menino said the older brother was really the leader, and the younger one was brainwashed by his brother, and was just a follower.

"He followed his brother, on those magazines that were published on how to create bombs, how to disrupt the general public, and things like that. And he brainwashed his younger brother into -- from there, what happened on marathon day, you know, that`s so unfortunate, but, you know, out of that, I think we`re coming up a stronger city than we were in the past," he said.

Menino said he is not convinced at all that they were planning more attacks.

"But you know, we have to be vigilant. 9/11 changed our world. We have to make sure that we are vigilant every day. Public safety officials, mayors, governors, we have to look at a different world we live in today, because there`s individuals out there who don`t care about anybody else, don`t care about maiming and killing people, they just want to destroy our world, and we have to be very careful of that," the mayor said.


First Published: Monday, April 22, 2013 - 09:47

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