Britain`s Cameron brings family for Germany talks

British Prime Minister David Cameron visits Germany to press for reforms of the EU.

Last Updated: Apr 12, 2013, 15:53 PM IST

London: British Prime Minister David Cameron visits Germany on Friday to press for reforms of the EU, but in an unusual move Chancellor Angela Merkel has invited him and family to stay at her official residence.

Cameron, who cut short a trip to Spain and France on Monday after the death of former premier Margaret Thatcher, will be accompanied by his wife Samantha and their three children, his Downing Street office said.

His spokesman said Cameron would discuss "all aspects" of European Union reform with Merkel, as well as the forthcoming G8 summit in June hosted by Britain and the conflict in Syria.

"It is part of the ongoing strong, very good working relationship that the Prime Minister and the German Chancellor have," the spokesman said.

Merkel`s office said she and the Camerons would stay at a government guest house in Meseberg, 50 miles (80 kilometres 50 miles) north of Berlin.

The British and German leaders would have dinner on Friday and further talks on Saturday, it said in a statement.

"The discussions will focus on current questions related to European policy as well as international issues such as the situation in Syria and the upcoming G8 summit under the British presidency," the statement said.

Cameron alarmed fellow EU leaders in January when he set out plans to wrest back powers from Brussels, and to then to put Britain`s reshaped membership to an in-out referendum by the end of 2017.

In an interview with five European newspapers that was published on Monday, Cameron called on the EU to bring in "change that all of Europe can benefit from" including on competitiveness and spending.

But the British Premier also said he believed that treaty change in the 27-member EU would be necessary in future -- something that European leaders already bogged down in the eurozone crisis are keen to avoid.

Downing Street said it was trying to reschedule a meeting with French President Francois Hollande that he cancelled after Thatcher`s death. Cameron also cut short a visit to Madrid on Monday that included talks with premier Mariano Rajoy.