Cairo: Rally to mark anniv of `Friday of Rage`

Thousands of Egyptian protesters rallied at the iconic Tahrir square in the heart of the capital today to mark the anniversary of Friday of Rage.

Cairo: Thousands of Egyptian protesters
rallied at the iconic Tahrir square in the heart of the
capital today to mark the anniversary of "Friday of Rage",
which had fuelled the popular agitation against President
Hosni Mubarak, leading to his ouster one year back.

The security forces had killed and wounded hundreds of
protesters who had marched into the square amid massive
protests against the Mubarak regime on January 27, 2011.

Even as the country held its landmark parliamentary
elections, which was dominated by the Islamists including the
Muslim Brotherhood`s Freedom and Justice Party, there is
growing anger that the ruling military council that took over
after Mubarak was ousted has been slow to transfer power to
the civilian leadership a year later.

They also seek trials for members of military council for
the killing of protesters over the past months.
The assembled people at the square raised slogans such as
"down with military council".

"We can`t celebrate when there`s no justice for those
killed," a 30-year-old Amr Sayyed said. "The Muslim
Brotherhood is talking about justice, but not how or when."

"We the people are the red line" and "The people want
the fall of the regime", said a protester, terming rally today
as the "Friday of Pride and Dignity" and the "Second Friday of

Witnesses said that protesters began to gather outside
Nour mosque in Abbasseya in preparation for another march to
Tahrir, named after Mohamed Mohsen, who was killed in clashes
in the capital last year.

Protesters carried banners and plycards: "Why are we
governed by the military? Is Hosni coming back?" and "Bread,
freedom, human dignity."

"Have we toppled the regime or are there some former
figures still manipulating the fate of the nation?" said
Sheikh Mazhar Shaheen, who often preaches during Friday
protests in the square.

"The revolution has not fulfilled all of its goals," he

"I announce today, I did not come here in celebration, I
came to call for fair retribution for those who killed our
martyrs," Shaheen said, adding "We will not celebrate while
our martyrs` blood has not yet dried."

On Wednesday, tens of thousands of Egyptians poured
into the Square to mark the first anniversary of the historic
uprising that toppled the longtime dictator, who was in power
since 1981.

At least 846 people were killed and 6,000 injured during
the January 25, 2011 uprising. The revolt took place in Cairo,
Alexandria, and in other prominent Egyptian cities.

The ruling military council has announced the end of the
state of emergency enforced since 1981 when Mubarak came to

The parliament, which met earlier this week announced the
formation of a fact-finding committee to probe the incidents
which took place since the eruption of the revolution last


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