Cameron sealed Nick Clegg deal with home-cooked food

British PM cooked supper for Nick Clegg ahead of their alliance to form govt.

London: British Prime Minister David Cameron cooked supper for Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg ahead of their alliance to form the government.

The 43-year-old Cameron revealed he chose home-cooking to cement the LibDem-Conservative alliance. The Prime Minister said he and his now deputy Clegg had a cosy supper together to help them forge their coalition.

"Nick came over to my house and I cooked him supper," Cameron told Real Radio Yorkshire in an interview.

"It wasn`t anything particularly creative. It was just ham, baked potatoes and salad or something," he said.

"I love cooking. One of the things I`m going to miss is not doing so much cooking," Cameron said.

Even Tony Blair had taken then Labour Party leader Gordon Brown to a trendy restaurant ahead of becoming the British prime minister, reported.