Chinese kindergarten attacker charged

The man is accused of killing 3 kids in an attack on a kindergarten in China.

Beijing: A 26-year-old man, accused of killing three children and injured many in an attack on a kindergarten in China recently, has been charged for the ghastly incident.

Police have turned over a man who allegedly killed three children in a kindergarten attack on August 04 in Zibo City, east China`s Shandong Province, to judiciary for prosecution, a statement from the city government said on Sunday.

Fang Jiantang, a self-employed man, was detained within hours of the attack. Three children died at the scene, while three other children and four teachers were injured and taken to hospital.

An initial investigation showed that in the summer of 2009, Fang was slightly hit by a car and thus had a fight with the driver.

The driver went missing since then, but Fang had been searching for opportunities to revenge, official news agency Xinhua quoted the statement as saying.

Citing Fang`s confession, it said the 26-year-old, who worked at his parents` restaurant, had been "spoiled" since childhood and had a bad temper.

Fang said he had used a 60-centimetre long knife in the attack and police had found the murder weapon. About 20 people - mostly children and teachers - were killed and about 100 injured in the recent attacks on kindergarten schools in China.

Two of the attackers have been executed and some others faced trials.