Chinese men accused of abusing Mozambican workers

The men are accused of scalding construction workers with boiling oil.

Maputo: Mozambique has revoked the visas of three Chinese men accused of beating construction workers with a hammer and scalding them with boiling oil, a private newspaper reported on Friday.

"These Chinese are accused of inhumane acts against local employees of Nantong construction company," the Ministry of Labour said in a statement, cited by the paper `O Pais`.

One of the accused, Lin Cheng, allegedly "flung boiling cooking oil on Mozambican workers”, it said.

Another, Cai Bingjun, "attacked his associates in several ways, using a hammer, a wooden plank and other work tools”, the ministry said.

The third, Wei Hongfeng, is accused of "having fired a Mozambican for discussing mistakes on his paycheck”.

The government also criticised Nantong Construction for violating multiple workplace codes, citing a lack of security regulations and contracts for workers.

The country has not yet pursued legal action against the three Chinese beyond the cancellation of their work visas.

Earlier this month, two Chinese mine managers in neighbouring Zambia were accused of shooting 12 local workers.

In 2009, China invested USD 9.3 billion across Africa in pursuit of natural resources needed to support its rapidly growing economy.

Chinese builder Anhui Foreign Construction Company Co is the primary contractor for the 2011 All-Africa Games to be held in Mozambique`s capital Maputo.