`Gaddafi tanks shell Libya`s third city Misrata`

Tanks shelled the centre of rebel-held Misrata,Libya`s third biggest city.

Benghazi: Tanks shelled the centre of rebel-held Misrata on Sunday, a resident of Libya`s third biggest city said, warning of "carnage" if the international community did not intervene.

"Tanks are shelling the centre of the city, near the radio headquarters. We are also hearing heavy automatic weapon fire," the resident said on condition of anonymity. Firing was clearly audible over the telephone.

"The residents are not armed. If the international community doesn`t intervene quickly, there will be carnage."

The resident said it was clear that Libyan leader Moamer Gaddafi "has declared war after the formation of the national council," referring to the setting up of a national authority by the rebellion`s leaders yesterday.

And he denied Libyan TV reports that pro- Gaddafi forces had retaken a number of key towns that had fallen to the rebels, including Misrata.

"They are not in control of the city.


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