Hitler`s headquarters in Ukraine to be made tourist attraction

The museum will be established on anniversary of Victory Day over Fascism.

Kiev: Ukrainian officials have unveiled a plan to turn the remains of Hitler` Eastern Front military headquarters into a tourist attraction.

The museum will be established by May 09, the anniversary of the Victory Day over Fascism.

The Wehrwolf headquarters, consisting of about 20 wooden cottages and barracks and three bunkers, are located some 12 km north of Vinnytsia in central Ukraine.

Construction started in September 1941 and was completed in April 1942. More than 10,000 Soviet war prisoners and some 1,000 local citizens participated in the works and some 2,000 of them died. Another 4,000 were shot dead.

The Nazis destroyed the site on abandoning the region. The underground parts of the complex were later sealed.

"It is time to make the Wehrwolf headquarters a tourist destination, a memorial to the victims of fascism," said Mykola Djiga, head of the local administration of Vinnytsia.

"This museum should remind us about the time that our people endured, their sacrifices and heroism. It should also show the face of the fascist enemy. We must show what enemy we had defeated," he said.


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