‘India may have competitive edge over China’

India`s prime working-age population will overtake that of China in 2028.

Washington: India has better chances than
China in enhancing its competitive position in the next two
decades as the country`s political-economic system provides an
environment more conducive to entrepreneurial, innovative and
inventive activity, an influential US think-tank said on Tuesday.

The think-tank, however, said that in next two decades,
China would continue to maintain technological and economic
edge over India, but would have demographic disadvantage over
its Asian neighbour.

As India and China continue to grow in prominence, each
nation has certain advantages, but neither one is primed to
have clear across-the-board competitive advantages over the
other, RAND Corporation researchers have said in a report.

While India`s prime working-age population will overtake
that of China in 2028, China has advantages in science and
technology, as well as in developing its national defence
capabilities, according to the report.

But India`s more open and flexible political structure
may allow it to move nimbly in making adjustments to its
policies and thereby improve its relative performance, perhaps
providing it with an advantage over China.

"Because of their population size and tremendous growth,
India and China are both nations to watch," said Charles Wolf
Jr, lead author of the study and a senior principal researcher
with RAND, in a statement.

"What happens in these two countries as they continue to
grow will have major repercussions in the rest of the world,"
he added.



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