Katatni wins Egypt`s FJP leadership election

Katani with 581 votes, representing 67.3 percent of the total votes, the website of the party said.

Cairo: Mohamed Saad Al Katatni, speaker of Egypt`s dissolved People`s Assembly (lower house of parliament) won the leadership of Muslim Brotherhood (MB)`s Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) Friday, reported Xinhua.

Katani with 581 votes, representing 67.3 percent of the total votes, the website of the party said.

The voting process started Friday afternoon with Katatni competing against Essam al-Erian, deputy chairman of the Freedom and Justice Party, the political arm of the Brotherhood.

The registration for the election began on Oct 2, after Mohamed Morsi became Egyptian president in the first presidential election held in June, after the uprising last year, and therefore quit his leadership in the party.

The qualification for taking part in the election included being a member of the party`s General Conference and obtaining the recommendation from at least 100 members of the conference.

In a televised press conference following the announcement of the results, Katatni stressed he is member of the team. "We couldn`t work alone, but with others to achieve progress in the country."

He reiterated a consensus among all Egyptian parties is crucial for enhancing cooperation.

The FJP party won 42 percent of the dissolved People`s Assembly seats, and the new leader of the party is expected to play a great role in the referendum on the new constitution and in the upcoming parliamentary elections, official news agency MENA reported Friday.

According to Katatni`s profile published on the party`s website, he was born in 1952 and has a doctor`s degree in science. He later worked as a professor of microbiology at Egypt`s Minya University and served as head of the division from 1994 to 1998. He obtained a degree in Islamic studies in 2000.

He was once chairman of the Brotherhood`s administrative office in Minya Governorate and was later elected as member of the lower house in 2005. He later became a member of the MB`s guidance bureau and spokesman for the group.

Katatni is renowned for his moderate stances in the parliament. "He never went overboard with his objections during parliamentary sessions," the website said.

During the turmoil last year, which led to the fall of Mubarak, Katatni was detained with two other top officials of the MB by security forces.

Katatni was appointed then as the secretary general of Freedom and Justice Party, and elected in the parliamentary elections as the speaker of the People`s Assembly on Jan 23.