One killed, 12 injured in Nairobi grenade attacks

One person was killed and 24 were wounded in two grenade attacks in Nairobi on Tuesday.

Nairobi: One person was killed and 24 were
wounded in two grenade attacks in Nairobi on Tuesday, with police
suspecting Shebab fighters in what could be retaliation for
Kenya`s week-old incursion in Somalia.

At least one person was killed and 10 were wounded when
someone hurled a grenade during rush hour at a bus stop in the
centre of the Kenyan capital, just hours after 14 people were
wounded in a grenade attack on a pub.

"One person has died and several have been injured," Peter
Mabeya, a senior police official, told agency.
"The blast occurred shortly after 8:00 pm as many
commuters were heading home," a police officer on the scene

The attack was not far from the Mwauras bar, a busy pub
where the first blast occurred.

Police said al Qaeda-linked Shebab rebels could have been

"We are dealing with a dangerous group -- you know Al
Shebab have their sympathisers here, and maybe they are the
people we are dealing with," national police chief Mathew
Iteere said referring to the bar attack.

"The person who lobbed that grenade into the pub was not
seen by anybody. ... We are following crucial leads but have
not made any arrest so far."
The US embassy in Nairobi warned Saturday of an "imminent
threat" of attacks possibly targeting foreigners, one week
after Kenyan forces crossed into Somalia to hunt down Shebab

The embassy cited "credible information of an imminent
threat of terrorist attacks directed at prominent Kenyan
facilities and areas where foreigners are known to congregate,
such as malls and night clubs."

The red-painted Mwauras bar is in the bustling centre of
Nairobi, popular with night-clubbers. An AFP journalist said
few signs of damage were apparent from the outside of the
building, which was guarded by a dozen police.

"We within the police service are doing our best. We have
heightened physical security to most of our vital
institutions," Iteere told reporters.

"This is our second week in our engagement across the
border, and these are some of the things by way of
repercussions which we anticipated."

Police put the injury toll at 14, while and medics at
Kenyatta hospital said only six had suffered serious wounds.

At the hospital, victims told of panic in the pub.


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