Venezuelan Embassy looted in Libya: Chavez

Chavez has been a staunch defender of Muammar Gaddafi throughout the conflict.

Caracas: Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said on Wednesday that his country`s embassy in Libya was looted.

Chavez said he has received word that the Venezuelan Embassy in the Libyan capital of Tripoli "was assaulted and totally looted" by hordes of people.

He didn`t give details or say whether anyone was injured in the incident, which occurred during rebel assaults on government and other buildings.

Chavez has been a staunch defender of Muammar Gaddafi throughout the conflict.

"The drama of Libya isn`t ending with the fall of Gaddafi`s government. It`s beginning," Chavez said. "The tragedy in Libya is just beginning."

Libyans hunting Gaddafi offered a USD 2 million bounty on Gaddafi`s head and amnesty for anyone who kills or captures him as rebels battled Wednesday to clear the last pockets of
resistance from the capital, Tripoli.

Asked about efforts to hunt for Gaddafi, Chavez said they reflect a "madness let loose."

"What the Yankee empire and the European powers...want is Libya`s oil," Chavez said.

Chavez said Tuesday that Venezuela would continue to recognise Gaddafi as Libya`s leader and would refuse to recognise a rebel-led interim government.

On Wednesday, he again condemned NATO`s airstrikes in Libya.

"They`ve destroyed a country and they continue destroying it," Chavez said. "How many Libyan children have died?"

He made the remarks in response to questions from reporters after a meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

"Now they`re aiming against Syria," said Chavez, referring to another ally of Venezuela. The president has accused the US of being behind violence in Syria.


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