Growing corruption paving way for anti-Congressism: Nitish

Bihar CM Nitish Kumar said growing corruption was paving way for a shift towards anti-Congressism in national politics.

New Delhi: Bihar CM Nitish Kumar on Wednesday said growing corruption was paving way for a shift towards anti-Congressism in national politics but parried a question on whether he was ready to lead any such opposition move.

"The situation is gradually unfolding. People are
especially exercised with the issue of corruption. People are
rising against corruption.

"As far as the issue of leadership is concerned, our
political system creates the leader. But it will all depend on
situations," Kumar told reporters in Press Club of India here.

He was replying to a query on whether there is a
possibility of a resurgence of anti-Congressism as witnessed
in past and is there anybody to provide leadership to the
opposition in such an eventuality.
His remarks were significant as for quite some time, he
is being talked about as a possible opposition candidate for
Prime Ministership in the eventuality of a joint opposition
effort to oust Congress from the Centre.

He, however, declined to answer a specific query on
whether he is ready to lead any such movement for change.

"Change is always brought in by people and people also
choose the leader...what do I say on it," was his refrain to
such queries.

When it was pointed out that his victory in Bihar also
strengthened BJP`s hand, Kumar said, "This was not the victory
of any party or alliance but a victory of people of the state.
People of Bihar came together to vote for Bihar`s development
in the election."
He also described his earlier disapproval of BJP`s
Tiranga Yatra to Kashmir as "a reaction coming from the heart
and due to a thinking for was not made keeping in
mind who felt what with it".

Kumar chose the occasion to make it clear that "We have
an alliance with BJP but we have different views on many

Speaking separately at Indian Women`s Press Corps, Kumar
said, "There is no discomfort in ties with BJP."

He also made a strong pitch for a JPC to probe 2G
Spectrum allocation scam saying there is no other way out and
the kind of inquiry will benefit all.

"In my opinion, the demand for JPC should be accepted so
that there is also a probe by the JPC and Parliament also
functions smoothly. In my view, there is no other way out. I
fail to understand what is the problem in accepting JPC?".

Kumar said that while PAC would also look into the issue,
JPC will have a "larger domain" and its report will be
discussed in Parliament. He said that move to constitute JPC
will benefit not only the ruling party but everybody.


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