INTERVIEW: What women want

Delhi-based Dr. Supriya Himanshu talks about how she left her job as a journalist to start her all women website

Delhi-based Dr. Supriya Himanshu who graduated in Fashion & Literature from Jodhpur University talks about how she left her job as a journalist to start her all women website

Tell us about yourself

I am a Fashion professional by training, started my lifestyle journalism career in 2005 and, was associated with reputed dailies and magazines in various capacities ranging from being a freelance contributor, to being a Deputy Editor. I have been a entrepreneur since 2012.
How did you think of setting up a website for only women?

Women today are extremely busy in taking care of their career and family. And, a lot of them in this journey tend to miss on the lifestyle side of their personality. That`s how this concept developed. I wanted to do something for women and started the website I have a team of about 4-5 women who do freelancing. We run various series on women, like currently we are doing a series which will feature the creative talent of women who are into confectionery. There are various other lifestyle sections on the website like Beauty, Travel, Decor, Machines, Health, and so.

How has the response to the website been?

The response to the website has been quite good. We have a wonderful readership from all parts of the world. It was featured as best lifestyle website in 2012.
What are you future plans and has the funding for the website been difficult?

The expansion plans are still on. While we have contributors from Mumbai, Banglore,we are planning to hire people in Kolkata, Hyderabad too. We recently also started another venture, / Pooja Mathur