Must-try fitness trends

London: Looking to shape up for summer? Try high-intensity interval training (HIIT), a form of exercise in which one can alternate between very intense periods and slower recovery periods for a shorter and smarter workout.

Get ready to see some major changes in your body and your fitness levels with these fitness details from

* Military fitness: Military fitness boot-camp style training is inspired by fitness regimes used by the British military, fire-fighters and the Royal Navy. You can get fit, tone up, lose weight and meet new people in a friendly, competitive environment. It caters for all fitness levels and combines circuit training, assault courses, team games and even the occasional mud fight or net scramble!

* Bowka: Zumba-reincarnated - Bowka is (according to many) the new Zumba - and if you love to dance, this is the exercise for you. Bowka involves a set of dance steps that spell out letters and numbers on the floor. Once you learn the basic steps, you’re free to create your own personal routines moving to the music as you see fit and burning boundless calories as you go.  

* Kettle bells and strength training: A Kettlebell is a big hunk of iron that comes in several sizes. You can do standard weight training exercises with Kettlebells but also more bespoke exercises such as the Kettlebell Squat - you only have to go on Youtube and type in ‘Kettlebell Bring Sally Up’ to see the advantages of this type of training.

* Personal training: Personal training sessions used to be seen as something only celebrities and the wealthiest could afford, but they are more accessible now than ever before. The one-to-one coaching and attention you receive is highly beneficial and can produce amazing results. Many personal trainers also offer small group sessions or can travel to your home.

* Hot Yoga: Yoga is set to make a massive return in 2014. Hot Yoga as well as more traditional yoga classes are billed to become more popular than ever. Suitable for all ages, yoga is excellent for toning and flexibility as well as for being calm and relaxed.

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