Childhood obesity ups heart disease risk

Melbourne: A top childhood obesity expert has revealed that kids as young as10 are at risk of heart disease due to obesity.

Dr Matt Sabin, co-head of the Royal Children``s Hospital weight management clinic, said Victoria``s obesity epidemic was becoming extreme.

"We``re not talking about a little bit of extra weight, we``re talking about severely obese children," quoted Sabin as saying.

"It is getting worse - the numbers are not getting higher but the degree of obesity is getting worse,” added Sablin.

While most were aged 14 to 18, a handful were as young as 10, Sabin said.

"Five years ago, one child every three or four months was being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, now it``s one every three or four weeks," he said.

Type 2 diabetes could lead to kidney failure, heart disease, blindness, and research had shown, within 15 years of diagnosis, one in 10 children would be dead.


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