Kick the butt: Five smoking myths busted!

According to certain reports, smoking in India is on the rise.

Zee Media Bureau

New Delhi: 9th March every year, marks the national No Smoking Day in the United Kingdom, celebrated primarily to raise awareness about the dangers and effects of smoking.

Urging smokers to kick the butt, No Smoking Day also pushes them to seek support and professional help to aid them in taking the leap.

Even though, this day is celebrated in the UK, we take this opportunity to tell you a few myths and facts about smoking, because cigarette smoking, like many other activities, is something that shouldn't need just a day to raise awareness about.

Especially when, according to certain reports, smoking in India is on the rise.

Below are five myths that many smokers believe to be true, but the reality is quite different. Check them out!

1. Switching to mild cigarettes will cut my risk:

You couldn't be more wrong. Smokers who switch to brands labeled "light" or "mild" ineluctably make up for the lower levels of tar and nicotine by inhaling smoke more deeply or by smoking more of each cigarette. You ultimately end up inhaling the same amount of killing components in tobacco smoke.

2. I've smoked for so long, the damage is already done:

This is one thing every non-smoker must have heard their smoker friends saying. Smokers tend to throw this line at you every time you try to get them to quit. But, this is not true. Let us give you a good comeback with the facts. Even though the damage caused by smoking is cumulative, quitting smoking at any age provides you with health benefits, for example, it will cut your risk of getting a heart attack by 50% within a year of quitting.

3. I'll gain weight if I quit:


If you feel that your weight issues are more important than your life, then you are way beyond being on the right track. This means that you need to prioritize, because this is nothing more than a myth. According to experts, smokers who quit only gain an average of 14 pounds (6.35 kilograms), but the risk of carrying that extra baggage is miniscule compared to the risks that surround you if you continue to smoke.

4. Cutting back on smoking is good enough:

Reality check – You're still smoking! This is not an effective strategy. If you've cut back that probably means that you're still smoking more of each cigarette and inhaling the smoke more deeply than you used to. And what's more, you're also receiving the same amount of toxic smoke that you did when you were apparently smoking more cigarettes.

5. I tried quitting once, but failed:

Biggest myth ever. Quitters never win, or haven't you heard that yet? Don't let failure deter you from your goal of kicking the butt for good. Especially when you know it's not good for you. Just keep trying. It may take time, but it will happen. Also, never hesitate in asking for support to help you reach your goal.

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