`Personalized health care will revolutionize 21st century medicine`

New Delhi: Personalized health care will revolutionize 21st century medicine, an Indian-origin professor at the New Jersey Institute of Technology has said.

Professor Atam Dhawan`s made the prediction at a recent international conference in India, which focused on a closer look at personalized or point-of-care healthcare.

Dhawan, an electrical engineer, pointed out that the last century witnessed a technology revolution in medicine and health through instrumentation, computer and information and communication technologies.

He added that this revolution has continued into the 21st century innovations re-defining the relationship between patient and healthcare providers.

Conference trends included the following:

I. New smart cross and trans disciplinary biosensor, biomarker, and information and data communication technologies will become more widely used.

II. As life expectancy increases, the global community will face new quality of life and healthcare challenges at an affordable cost

III. Miniaturized devices and wireless communication will change dramatically how physicians and surgeons can care for patients and the role patients will need to take in their own health care.

IV. The hope is that health care will become more personalized through the tailoring of interventions to individual patients.

V. Providing minimal healthcare in the eastern part of the globe which accounts for more than two-thirds of the world population will remain challenging especially for curbing diseases and infections like HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis or malaria .

Dhawan said that educating users on the implementation of these new technologies, data communication, compliance and behavioral change poses the most formidable challenge.

People will need to realize and accept a new role and reasonability in keeping themselves, family members or others healthy, he added.


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