Chapped lips? Say goodbye to them this winter!

Imagine having to go out somewhere with chapped lips ruining your look and in turn ruining your day too!

Udita Madan

December and the winter season together welcome another friend – dryness. Yes, dry, cold weather makes your skin lose all its moisture, giving way to dehydration, scaling or flaky skin, skin itching and redness.

However, the most common problem and possibly the worse problem that one has to face is chapped lips!

Your lips are among the most expressive parts of your body. They are comparatively thinner than the skin and also are more exposed to damage. Chapped lips can be a nuisance and may lead to bleeding, discomfort and cold sores.

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Imagine having to go out somewhere with chapped lips ruining your look and in turn ruining your day too! Because, well, you certainly can't cover them.

But what you can definitely do is take good care in the winter season and see to it that your lips don't get dry.

Below, we list out a few points that you can consciously follow to keep those lips totally healthy and kissable!

1. Hands off, please!:

The first and foremost thing you need to be aware about is that if you keep touching your lips with your hands, it can lead to lip dryness, soreness and irritation.

2. Licking:

Your lips are not a yummy lollipop! If you think that licking the lips can keep them hydrated, you couldn't be more wrong! On the contrary, made up of just three layers of skin, lips are translucent and can be damaged even with licking. Try not to lick your lips; remember that licking will actually cause your lips to dry out.

3. Breathing:

Yes, the way you breathe is also a factor that may be the reason for your dried and chapped lips. Remember to always breathe through your nose if you don't want chapped lips. Breathing with an open mouth can chap your lips. When air is being sucked and blown constantly over your lips, it saps moisture and leads to dryness.

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4. Skip the cosmetic treatment:

Too much of lip liners, lipsticks or lip gloss can strip moisture away from your lips. You should avoid them if don't want your dry, cracked lips to draw eyes away from the rest of your face. If the lip cosmetics contain alcohol, stay away!

5. Eat healthy:

Foods high in riboflavin, such as green vegetables, keep skin and lips healthy. If you suspect that your lips are about to dry out, you must avoid greasy foods. A steady intake of vitamins and minerals will keep lips at their best.

6. Use petroleum jelly:

Always keep petroleum jelly or a medicated lip balm with you. Whenever you feel that your lips drying out, apply them to prevent chapping. Balms with petroleum, beeswax or other oil base are the best.

7. Humidity is the key:

Dry air is the most common reason behind chapping of lips. You should keep the air moist in your home. If the air is dry, use a humidifier, especially at night, to keep the lips moist.

8. Sunscreen:

Surprised? Don't be and do try this trick! Use sunscreen on your lips. Sunscreen lotions not only serve your skin, but are also protective for lips. Put sunscreen on your lips, so that they do not become chapped owing to sun exposure.

9. Keep yourself hydrated:

Last but not the least, follow the number one rule of hydration to a tee! Drink loads of water. Replenishing your body with water will prevent the lips from drying out.

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