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Top summer hair care tips!

This sizzling summer heat can give you a plethora of problems - skin, hair and other health issues. With the mercury soaring to 45 degree Celsius, this is the season where you need to be more conscious about your eating habits calling for a change in diet and other healthy living tips.

And yes, hair problem is one of the most common health issues that almost every women face during this extreme hot season. Heat is the most harmful thing for hair as experts say, your locks suffer damage even more than your skin as a result of high temperature.

Here are some best summer hair care tips for you girls.

-Always go out with your head covered with a scarf, hat or umbrella to avoid direct exposure of hair to sun. Effects of direct sun rays on hair can be harsh in many ways. Exposing your hair for even 10 minutes produce 70-80 degrees Celsius heat and this can crack your cuticle. It can also harm your hair’s outer structure, suck out moisture and can even burn your scalp.

-Use right shampoo and conditioner according to your hair type. It is always safe to go for mild or herbal shampoos during this season as you need to wash your hair frequently. Experts also suggest using products that contain sunscreen.

-Serum is very necessary as it acts as a sunscreen for your hair. Your hair becomes dry and dull losing its moisture during this time of year; hence, hair serum is the perfect way to protect them from heat-related damage.

-Try massaging your scalp every day for a few minutes to stimulate circulation and to remove dead skin cells. This will also help in preventing dandruff.

-Oiling your strands before washing from roots to tips is a magical antidote to several hair problems from lifeless tresses, damaged ends to stress relief. Hot oil massage is considered to be a perfect solution to people with dry scalp condition.

-Wash your locks with lukewarm water. However, some people put ice in the water to make it cold which is wrong. Water temperature should neither be too hot nor too cold; it should be balanced.

-Comb (preferably wide toothed comb) your hair at least 4 times a day to get rid of dust particles.

-Treating dandruff: Wash your hair every alternate day. Grab any good anti-dandruff shampoo to wash your locks, but use it only once or twice a week to avoid dryness. Exposure to sun and sweat is the main cause of dandruff during summers. It is best to avoid exposure to sun and keep your scalp clean, dry and cool.

-Have regular trims to avoid split ends. Trim your hair while it is dry and avoid wet trimming as this can worsen the condition. Experts often advise to keep hairs short during this season.

Above all, a well-balanced diet is the key to keeping your hair healthy and strong. Eat lots of fruit and vegetables, nuts, brown rice, beans and pulses to have those healthy and lustrous tresses. Also, drink plenty of water.

Compiled by: Salome Phelamei

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