China yet to perfect `democracy`, says daily

Chinese democracy is not really what people expect it to be, a state-run daily said, ahead of the 18th National Cong of the Communist Party of China.

Beijing: Chinese democracy is not really what people expect it to be, a state-run daily said Saturday, days ahead of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC).
An article "China`s path to democracy" in People`s Daily said democracy was not only a system of government but a way of life which meets people`s needs.

"Admittedly, as public awareness of the right to know and participate as well as the rule of law increases, democracy in China has not reached the level many people expect. However, the country is making steady progress in improving its democracy," it said.

Stressing that democracy is a way of life, it added: "China has attached great importance to people`s livelihood and incremental reform and pursued innovated democracy suitable to its conditions in a pragmatic manner."

The Communist party meeting will see a leadership succession in China.

The daily said that "slavish imitation of Western democracy will lead to turmoil".

"Democracy takes various forms according to different national condition, and good democracy should first suit a country`s national conditions," it said.

The article said China had adopted an open cadre selection system, amended the election law and steadily promoted intra-party democracy over the past 10 years.

It said the government had improved the public hearing system, gradually disclosed information about government affairs, actively responded to people`s concerns and enhanced public awareness about the right to know.

Referring to the role of social media, it the country had made small but significant progress in some aspects such as microblogging.

"The Chinese-style democracy is suitable to China`s national conditions and cultural background and will better promote the country`s modernization process," the daily added.


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