Japan has no plans to impose new sanctions against N Korea

Japan remains committed to address North Korea`s "unacceptable activities".

Tokyo: Japan has no plans to impose additional sanctions against North Korea, although it welcomes the latest move by the US and remains committed to working closely together with the international community to address Pyongyang`s "unacceptable activities”, a senior official said on Thursday.
"We welcome and support additional sanctions of the United States," Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshito Sengoku said at a news conference, referring to US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton`s announcement yesterday on new steps aimed at thwarting North Korea`s nuclear ambitions.
But the government`s top spokesman said Japan is not currently considering coming up with additional measures against North Korea.

In late May, Japan decided to toughen its punitive action against North Korea, such as by lowering the ceiling on the amount of money that may be remitted to the North without notifying the Japanese government from USD 83,664 to USD 250,992.