Malaysia to use biometric system in elections

Malaysia will use the biometric system in next elections to avoid accusation of phantom votes.

Kuala Lumpur: Malaysia will use the
biometric system, similar to the one currently used by the
country`s Immigration Department, in the next general
elections to avoid accusation of phantom votes.

Election Commission chairman Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof
said he hoped this would finally lay to rest all sorts of
Phantom votes are found when the number of votes
reported is higher than the number of ballots cast.

The system, which will be linked to the country`s
National Registration Department, would enable EC workers at
polling stations to cross-check details of their government
issued identity cards with the Registration Department and the
electoral roll before voters are given their ballot papers.

Aziz said political parties agents at the polling
stations would be able to witness that those given ballot
papers were genuine voters.

"Since the voters` thumbprints are already in NRD’s
records, no one can accuse the EC of allowing in phantom
voters," he said.

Aziz felt that it was upsetting that each time the
opposition parties lost they accused the commission of rigging
elections but praised it if they won. Malaysia held its last
general elections in August 2008 where the ruling Barisan
Nasional coalition party barely managed to retain power.

The previously low key opposition fought as an
alliance and swept several states toppling seats held by the
ruling party.


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